Lake County Port Investment Task Force

The Waukegan Port District (WPD) in collaboration with Lake County Partners and the Lake County Municipal League (LCML) has initiated a collaborative process to explore financing solutions and build consensus around a plan to fund the required capital improvements to the Waukegan National Airport and the Waukegan Harbor.

The Lake County Port Investment Task Force, an eleven-member-group made up of local leaders and stakeholders, is exploring solutions that ensure the long-term success of these important assets. The group convened in September 2019. They will meet over the following months and submit recommendations in early 2020.

This $150 million infrastructure investment is needed to continue and grow operations for both of these critical transportation assets. This proposed investment is estimated to return $312 million annually in regional economic benefits and create nearly 1,400 permanent jobs. View Port Investment Fact Sheet for more information.

The Task Force Members

Mayors Within District Boundaries
Mayor Sam Cunningham, City of Waukegan
Mayor John Schmit, Village of Beach Park

Mayors Outside District Boundaries
President Nandia Black, Village of Kildeer – LCML
Mayor Donny Schmit, Village of Fox Lake – LCML

Lake County Board
Diane Hewitt, Lake County Board Member, District 2
Mike Rummel, Lake County Board Member, District 12

Waukegan Port District
Greg Petry, Waukegan Port District
Bob Hamilton, Board Member/Treasurer

Lake County Partners
Kevin Considine, President & CEO

Corporate Representatives
Richard Romanek, National Gypsum, Plant Manager
Christina Lee, Director, State Government Affairs, Midwest, AbbVie

For more information or questions about the Task Force, please contact:
Jennie Vana, VP of Communications, Metro Strategies, Inc.,    630.534.6400 x114